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Donation to Children home PULA

As per the agreement that we will collect donations in the three months to the Children home PULA and Hospital for children's diseases- GORNJA BISTRA so we 14.06.2016 g. presented the first part of the grant for PULA. We continue with our work and the collection for the following sharing.

Yours Smješak

Donation to the Children's home-PULA-RUŽA PETROVIĆ

On 10.29.2016 we handed over the donation to the Children's home-PULA-RUZA PETROVIC. Thanked the entire team from Zagreb for the hard work and dedication, as well as our colleagues Elviru.M. which is a big help. What to say than all the credits and we move on. 

Yours Smješak

Special Hospital for Chronic Diseases of Children in Gornja Bistra

On 25.11.2016  we visited at that time the Special Hospital for Chronic Diseases of Children in Gornja Bistra and presented a donation. Our little ones really must not be forgotten, because help is very much needed to them. I would like to thank to our colleague Muharemović E. and our valuable members from Zagreb who work hard to help as to share as much as we can.

Yours Smješak

Visit to the children's home Ruže Petrović - Pula

After that time we thought of our children in the children's home Ruže Petrovic - Pula and donated food packages for their protegees. These children really need help of any kind, therefore they should not in any case be forgotten that is why we exist.

Yours Smješak

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