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About Smješak

About Smješak

Every day on the streets we see children who scantily dressed beg or sell something. Such scenes do not leave anyone indifferent. With the knowledge that every man feels nice making someone happy and putting a smile on their face, Ms. Jasminka Iković decided to start an association to help the socially-disadvantaged children "Smješak", and so, at least in some way, to contribute to this category. Ms. Jasminka is the pediatric nurse, who for many years worked with children of different class background, so this is one of the reasons for such an act. The Association started its work 07.02.2013.in Sarajevo, so to shortly thereafter spread to the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The aim is to provide education and to introduce socially vulnerable children and children with disabilities of their rights, to inform them, to help in the selection of high school, help them with learning, expand their knowledge, but also provide them with basic living conditions. "Smješak" is working on a very simple principle "collect - share". The Association has conducted a number of activities, and visited a large number of homes, schools, residential areas, public kitchens, and a large number of families ie. their wards. It helped also during the floods. Children's smiles that every day we see in the photographs speak more than any praise or words. Of course, that was not the end, so the "Smješak" soon became the first association of Bosnia and Herzegovina that has spread beyond the borders of this country. The work spread to Croatia on 23.04.2015., with the aim to help as many children, in which the "Smješak" showed to be more than good. In Croatia it has continued at the same pace, a acknowledgements kept coming on a daily basis as evidence of Association's work.


"We want to help children throughout the former Yugoslavia. For all normal people, children are children, regardless of their national and religious affiliation," said the representative associations Jasminka Iković, and soon after that, the Association started operations 10.09.2015. in neighboring Serbia.


The goal of the Association remained the same all the time, ie. to help as many children to have a life worthy of human beings, what the Association, with the help of good people, achieved.


Association for vulnerable children "Smješak" has continued to expand its charity outside these three countries. It has registered 14.04.2016. in Montenegro as well in order to help children who are most vulnerable and have no happy childhood.


Valuable members now work in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro with the aim to facilitate a little bit the harsh lives of children from these areas.


Each week valuable volunteers are in shopping centers in many cities of these four countries and collect donations give by the good people. These are than stored and packed to be shared to the most vulnerable. So far, the Association cheered thousands of children, visited over 150 homes for children, a large number of schools, hospitals, public kitchens and other associations. Smješak is not planning to stop there, because every smile gives us the impetus to push forward. Thank you

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